Our Auto Towing Services
Virginia City Nevada Fast Response, Repair and Rescue for Drivers in Your Town

Jump Starts

Car batteries are easily drained of their idle charge by extended periods of inactivity as well as in inclement weather and extreme conditions. We can appear onsite for a jump start within an hour.

Virginia City Nevada An Experienced, Local Team of Professionals

Lockout Assistance

Our experienced technicians can also provide you assistance when access to your vehicle or its secure compartments is taken away by a broken, jammed or vandalized lock.

Virginia City Nevada Neighbors: We Are Here 24 Hours a Day When You Need Us

Malfunctioning Starter/Jammed Ignition

Mechanical malfunctions like jammed ignitions can cripple your commute by rendering your vehicle impossible to operate, and our technicians can arrive equipped to make onsite repairs.

Virginia City Nevada We Can Make Basic Repairs On-Site in Your Local Neighborhood!

Check Engine Service

When the check engine light is displayed in your vehicle, it’s only a matter of time before more serious issues crop up. We can identify and service the issue to keep you on the road.

Virginia City Nevada Fully Equipped Repair and Response Trucks For Your Town

Alignment and Adjustment

Any vehicle that cannot be properly controlled due to irregularities in its steering or bearing is a danger to all surrounding motorists, and so we can repair many common issues while you wait.

Virginia City Nevada Get Back on the Road Fast with Local Roadside Repair

Flood Recovery

Water damage can have a devastative effect on the internal systems of your vehicle, but our automotive experts can work to salvage these delicate components.

The Expert Tow and Repair Services Local Neighborhood Drivers Rely On.
Virginia City Nevada Available for Around the Clock Tow and Repair in Our City

Assistance Equipment

The vehicles that make up our rapid response fleet are outfitted with a full complement of roadside repair and assistance resources including common tools and parts as well as jump start kits.

Virginia City Nevada On-Site Lock Replacement in Your Local Region

Flatbed Towing

A standard lift and hook tow truck can damage some models of vehicle, and so we also have flatbed tow truck available for transport of heavy vehicles and exotic cars.

Virginia City Nevada Battery Died? Ask Your Local Towing Company for a Charge in a Pinch

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our ironclad satisfaction guarantee means that you’ll never leave the site or repairs or our service center without being fully assured of the quality of our work.

Virginia City Nevada On-Site Repairs and Auto Rescue for Neighborhood Drivers, 24 Hours a Day

A Proven Name

Drivers across the region can consistently rely on our team to provide the professional auto towing, repair, and roadside assistance resources because we have been a local industry leader for years.

On-Site Emergency Repairs in Your Neighborhood

We are the BEST choice for
Towing Services in Virginia City, Nevada.


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Tow Your Car Safely


Getting your car towed doesn't always mean that you violated some rules or you parked in the wrong place; it might be that your car has broken down, and you can no longer start it and you need a mechanic to fix it. The professionals have guidelines, and of course they know how to tow properly, as it is what either you, or your insurance company is paying for -someone to take care of your car properly. Things happen. What will you do when you run out of petrol (gas), and you're stranded? You don't want to leave your car, so you call a friend to help you tow your car. This doesn't happen all the time, but we always need to be prepared and know a few things ourselves. How do you do it? How do you tow your car properly? You can't just tie a rope to it and be on your way. There are proper ways to do this, and you may find some helpful tips below.

Tow Your Car

1.First you need a proper rope, so use a towrope

The towrope won't be expensive. You can purchase it from the car parts section of a store or a gas station. It's better to be safe and always have a towrope on hand.

2.Always remember to make a sign

On a piece of paper, write, 'ON TOW' or 'BEING TOWED' in big capital letters and then post it in the back window in your car. This lets traffic following your car know what's going on, otherwise, they'd wonder why your car is going so slow.

3.When being towed, you have to turn on the ignition, so the steering lock is released and the direction indicators and the brake lights will work

4.Make sure that you attach the tow rope on the towing eyes.

Do not hook it to any other part of your car, as it can damage your car or even pull off parts of your car.

5.Before the other car drives along with your car attached, make sure the handbrake has been released and you've put your transmission in neutral.

6.Make sure that you both know agree on the route you'll take to get where you're going, before you leave

You don't want to cause any traffic, or other problems on the road.

7.You have to continually check to ensure the towrope is taut.

8.On some car models, pedal pressure will be required, especially with power steering.

9.Do not drive fast

Drive at a moderate speed when towing a car, and make sure you allow time and space when slowing down, especially at intersections (this is for the driver of the car doing the towing).

10. Do not tow the car backward!

Can you tow a car if the power steering doesn't work?

It is not safe to tow a car with a towrope if the power steering isn't working. The steering and braking systems will not function as required, and towing by rope could result in a nasty accident. If you have to have your car towed, make sure it's towed by a professional with a tow truck. He will know what is possible and safe.

In the past, steering a vehicle was done manually. This process can be quite challenging and it requires practice. Today modern cars are already equipped with power steering, a convenient feature that allows you to easily control a vehicle. Power steering makes it possible to have a stress-free driving experience.

What is power steering? Technically speaking, this is a system that enhances the steering effort of the steering wheel. The technology uses either hydraulic or electric actuators. Both provide the necessary controlled energy to the steering device, requiring only minimal effort on the part of the driver. This is also beneficial when the vehicle has stopped, or is moving slowly. Regarding tire-road interaction, having a vehicle with power steering gives the driver a great sense of how the tires are interacting with the road through the front tires known as 'road feels'.


It actually depends on the car's make and model. For instance, earlier models that are without power steering, or servo-assisted brakes, can be easily towed without worry. Generally, however, if the car has mechanical issues with its power steering, and you want it towed, you may need to reconsider. Towing may be the last thing you would want to do in this case. Consider the following possible issues:

Whoever is driving the car will have little time to react if anything happens

This is especially true because the car being towed may be just a few feet away from the towing vehicle.

If the car's power steering is not working, it will be difficult to turn the steering wheel

This can lead to accidents when not done correctly. There can even be other issues with the steering lock, which could cause road accidents as well.

If the car for towing has a malfunctioning power steering, more often than not, the engine and brakes are also affected, resulting in increased risks.

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