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Reno Nevada Let Us Find You for On-Site Repairs in Your Neighborhood!

Jump Starts

Car batteries are easily drained of their idle charge by extended periods of inactivity as well as in inclement weather and extreme conditions. We can appear onsite for a jump start within an hour.

Reno Nevada An Experienced, Local Team of Professionals

Lockout Assistance

Our experienced technicians can also provide you assistance when access to your vehicle or its secure compartments is taken away by a broken, jammed or vandalized lock.

Reno Nevada For Vehicle-Related Problems on the Road, Call Your Towing Company

Malfunctioning Starter/Jammed Ignition

Mechanical malfunctions like jammed ignitions can cripple your commute by rendering your vehicle impossible to operate, and our technicians can arrive equipped to make onsite repairs.

Reno Nevada We Can Make Basic Repairs On-Site in Your Local Neighborhood!

Check Engine Service

When the check engine light is displayed in your vehicle, it’s only a matter of time before more serious issues crop up. We can identify and service the issue to keep you on the road.

Reno Nevada Fully Equipped Repair and Response Trucks For Your Town

Alignment and Adjustment

Any vehicle that cannot be properly controlled due to irregularities in its steering or bearing is a danger to all surrounding motorists, and so we can repair many common issues while you wait.

Reno Nevada Specialized Solutions for Local Drivers

Flood Recovery

Water damage can have a devastative effect on the internal systems of your vehicle, but our automotive experts can work to salvage these delicate components.

Large vehicle? We can Send a Flatbed Truck Anywhere in the Neighborhood.
Reno Nevada Local Drivers Turn to Us For All Their Towing and Repair Needs.

Assistance Equipment

The vehicles that make up our rapid response fleet are outfitted with a full complement of roadside repair and assistance resources including common tools and parts as well as jump start kits.

Reno Nevada Get Towed for Peace of Mind if an Accident Happens

Flatbed Towing

A standard lift and hook tow truck can damage some models of vehicle, and so we also have flatbed tow truck available for transport of heavy vehicles and exotic cars.

Reno Nevada Battery Died? Ask Your Local Towing Company for a Charge in a Pinch

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our ironclad satisfaction guarantee means that you’ll never leave the site or repairs or our service center without being fully assured of the quality of our work.

Reno Nevada Local Drivers: Our Network of Service Centers is Conveniently Located Throughout the Area.

A Proven Name

Drivers across the region can consistently rely on our team to provide the professional auto towing, repair, and roadside assistance resources because we have been a local industry leader for years.

Local Area Drivers: Don't Trust Your Car or Truck to Subpar Service

We are the BEST choice for
Towing Service Cost in Reno, Nevada.


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Information for Reno, Nevada

Nevada, seat (1871) of Washoe county, western Nevada, U.S. Although it is one of Nevada's largest cities, its traditional nickname is 'The Biggest Little City in the World.' The city lies on the Truckee River, near the California border and the Sierra Nevada foothills, amid magnificent and varied scenery.Adjacentto Reno is the city of Sparks. Reno's first settler was C.W. Fuller, who built a toll bridge of logs across the river about 1860. The site was acquired by M.C. Lake in 1863 and was called Lake's Crossing. When the Central Pacific Railroad reached the site in 1868, a land auction was held, and homes were built almost overnight. The town was renamed for Gen. Jesse Lee Reno of Virginia, a Union officer who was killed at the Battle of South Mountain, Maryland, in the American Civil War.The Truckee River flowing through Reno, Nevada. Donald Dondero Until 1900 Reno served primarily as a distribution point, but, after several well-known people were granted divorces or were quickly married there under liberal state laws, the city became famous as a busy divorce and marriage centre. Close to the Sierra Nevada range and Lake Tahoe, Reno is a year-round vacation centre. Not far from the city is a portion of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, and skiing, hunting, and fishing are available nearby. When gambling was legalized in Nevada (1931), Reno began to attract tourists to its many casinos. There are some small manufacturing plants in the area, and Reno is an important warehousing and distribution centre because of Nevada's Free Port Law, under which merchandise moving in interstate commerce may be stored and assembled in transit free of taxation. Virginia Street, Reno, Nev. MedioImages/Getty Images The University of Nevada (1874) was moved from Elko to Reno in 1885, with the first classes being taught in 1887. The W.M. Keck Museum at the university has exhibits of the area's mining history. Reno is the seat of the Nevada Historical Society. Inc. 1879. Pop. (2000) 184, 202; Reno-Sparks Metro Area, 342, 885; (2010) 225, 221; Reno-Sparks Metro Area, 425, 417.

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Reno - Roadside Assistance in Your Neighborhood Articles

Tow Truck Driver Safety

Tow truck drivers are part of the first responder team at automobile accident scenes, joining police officers and ambulance crews. Any time a driver picks up a disabled vehicle, he must use safety equipment to ensure the safe towing of the vehicle. The safety equipment also makes the tow truck driver more visible to other drivers as he works at an accident scene.

Personal Protection Equipment

The Federal Highway Administration requires that all roadway and emergency workers on or near a federal highway wear a green, orange or yellow fluorescent safety vest that meets American National Standards Institute standards. Three classes of vests are available, with Class 3 offering the most visibility. In addition to vests, the tow truck driver should wear a helmet with the same reflective qualities found in his vest. Gloves are personal protection equipment gear as well.

Safety on the Scene

A driver should monitor any activity around his tow truck as he approaches a disabled vehicle. He should arrive with his emergency lights on, and before exiting the truck, he must check for oncoming traffic approaching the accident or disabled vehicle. As the tow truck driver exits and enters his truck, he should check that he places his feet on the running boards of the truck and use its handrails to keep him from falling. The same is true as he climbs into the tow truck's bed.

Equipment Rating

A tow truck driver is licensed to haul a certain weight of cargo. The gross vehicle weight rating, or GVWR, for light-duty trucks is 10,000 pounds or less. Medium-duty trucks can haul as much as 26,000 pounds, and heavy-duty haulers can move vehicles with a GVWR in excess of 26,000 pounds. The weight ratings also indicate the types of winches and towing cables that can be used on a particular tow truck. The tow truck driver should inspect the cables and wenches regularly to ensure that they are in good working order. It's also important that the driver regularly inspect all splices and connectors that fasten the tow wire to the truck and to its hitching devices.

Proper Loading

A tow truck driver must observe proper procedures as he loads a disabled vehicle onto his tow truck. He should work within a designated safety zone to stay out of the way of traffic. The vehicle must be centered on the bed of the tow truck. Once it's in place, the vehicle must be tied down and have its wheels chocked and blocked. If the tow truck has a remote-controlled winch, follow the proper procedures to avoid accidentally activating the winch until it's needed.

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Local Vehicle Transport When You Need It Large vehicle? We can Send a Flatbed Truck Anywhere in the Neighborhood.


Your Area's Professional Towing Service Local Area Drivers: Don't Trust Your Car or Truck to Subpar Service


Do You Need a Tow-- or Can we Get You Up and Running on the Road? Local Drivers Know: Our Prices Beat Dealer Service!


Tow and Repair Services Throughout the Local Area. Serving Local Neighborhood Residents With Speedy Towing and Repair Services for all Vehicles


Trapped in a Flood on Area Roads? Call Us for On-Demand Towing. A breakdown doesn't have to be the end of your trip in Your Neighborhood!


Roadside Assistance in Your Neighborhood Broken down in an unfamiliar neighborhood in Your Local Neighborhood? We can help.


Need Quick, Local Service to Get Out of a Jam? We're Here 24 Hours a Day Get Towed Quickly and Easily When You Need It Most


All Day, Every Day Throughout the Year, We're Here for Your Automotive Emergency Serving Local Drivers with The Latest Equipment


Servicing Local Stranded Drivers 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Trapped in a Flood on Area Roads? Call Us for On-Demand Towing.


Let Us Help You Get to a Local Service Center After an Accident. Your Local Neighborhood Drivers: Tow Services and Repair While You Wait


Neighbors: We Are Here 24 Hours a Day When You Need Us Car Broken Down on the Street in Your Town? Just Call Us!


We Can Make Basic Repairs On-Site in Your Local Neighborhood! Need Fast, Local Late Night Roadside Assistance?


Around the Clock Towing and Repair in Your Area Large vehicle? We can Send a Flatbed Truck Anywhere in the Neighborhood.


We Can Tow Your Vehicle for Service in Your Town Get Up and Running with Local Repair Services


On-Site Emergency Repairs in Your Neighborhood Maybe You Don't Need to Go to the Shop: Call Your Local Towing Company First


Local Drivers: Don't let Required Repairs Ruin Your Commute! We Can Help! A breakdown doesn't have to be the end of your trip in Your Neighborhood!


We Repair and Replace Ignitions On-Site in Your Local Neighborhood. We Can Fix Jammed Ignition Problems While You Wait in Your Neighborhood!


We'll Check That Engine Light Anywhere in Your Local Neighborhood! Local Repair and Towing Professionals


Broken down in an unfamiliar neighborhood in Your Local Neighborhood? We can help. Area Drivers: Is Your Car Handling Unsafely? Let Us Handle It.


Our Local Area On-Site Repair and Towing Services 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, Your Towing Company is Here for You


The City's 24-Hour Roadside Resource Keys Locked in your Car? Your Local Towing Company Might Be Able to Help


Car Stuck in a Ditch? Call Your Towing Company The Expert Tow and Repair Services Local Neighborhood Drivers Rely On.


When You Need Your Car Towed, Knowing Someone Helps Neighborhood Residents: Forgot to Replace Your spare Tire? We Have One


Problems on the Highway: Our Local Services Are Here for You Around the Clock Towing and Repair in Your Area


The Region's Most Experienced Auto Repair Professionals Local Exotic and Specialty Drivers: We Can Service Exotic and Specialty Vehicles On-Site!


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