Our Auto Towing Services
Elko Nevada Neighborhood Drivers: We'll Help You Find Your Way Home.

Jump Starts

Car batteries are easily drained of their idle charge by extended periods of inactivity as well as in inclement weather and extreme conditions. We can appear onsite for a jump start within an hour.

Elko Nevada Let Us Help You Get to a Local Service Center After an Accident.

Lockout Assistance

Our experienced technicians can also provide you assistance when access to your vehicle or its secure compartments is taken away by a broken, jammed or vandalized lock.

Elko Nevada Neighbors: We Are Here 24 Hours a Day When You Need Us

Malfunctioning Starter/Jammed Ignition

Mechanical malfunctions like jammed ignitions can cripple your commute by rendering your vehicle impossible to operate, and our technicians can arrive equipped to make onsite repairs.

Elko Nevada No Matter What Time it is, We are Here for You in a Jam

Check Engine Service

When the check engine light is displayed in your vehicle, it’s only a matter of time before more serious issues crop up. We can identify and service the issue to keep you on the road.

Elko Nevada Fully Equipped Repair and Response Trucks For Your Town

Alignment and Adjustment

Any vehicle that cannot be properly controlled due to irregularities in its steering or bearing is a danger to all surrounding motorists, and so we can repair many common issues while you wait.

Elko Nevada We Can Tow Your Vehicle for Service in Your Town

Flood Recovery

Water damage can have a devastative effect on the internal systems of your vehicle, but our automotive experts can work to salvage these delicate components.

Always Have Your Local Towing Company Handy For When You Need Us
Elko Nevada Available for Around the Clock Tow and Repair in Our City

Assistance Equipment

The vehicles that make up our rapid response fleet are outfitted with a full complement of roadside repair and assistance resources including common tools and parts as well as jump start kits.

Elko Nevada Standing By for Your Local Neighborhood Drivers

Flatbed Towing

A standard lift and hook tow truck can damage some models of vehicle, and so we also have flatbed tow truck available for transport of heavy vehicles and exotic cars.

Elko Nevada Local Drivers: Need Vehicle Help on the Interstate?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our ironclad satisfaction guarantee means that you’ll never leave the site or repairs or our service center without being fully assured of the quality of our work.

Elko Nevada Strange Engine Noise? Let us provide On-Site Service Anywhere in Your Local Area

A Proven Name

Drivers across the region can consistently rely on our team to provide the professional auto towing, repair, and roadside assistance resources because we have been a local industry leader for years.

Experienced Technicians Serving Drivers in your Neighborhood When You Need Us

We are the BEST choice for
Towing A Car in Elko, Nevada.


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Information for Elko, Nevada

Elko, city, seat (1869) of Elko county, northeastern Nevada, U.S., in the Humboldt River valley. It originated in 1868 as a construction camp along the Central Pacific Railroad. Fancifully named by railroad construction superintendent Charles Crocker for the high desert's abundant elk, the town developed as a transportation and communications centre. The present economy of the city is based on the raising of livestock (cattle and sheep), some mining (gold, silver, and copper), freight handling, and tourism. Great Basin College was established there in 1967. Elko is surrounded by segments of the Humboldt National Forest, which is headquartered in the city. Inc. 1917. Pop. (2000) 16, 708; (2010) 18, 297.

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Elko - The City's 24-Hour Roadside Resource Articles

Question: What causes my trailer to sway side to side?

A: SIDE to SIDE MOTION (SWAY) THAT BEGINS as you reach a certain speed, will likely become WHIPPING at higher speeds. If you notice sway beginning SLOW DOWN IMMEDIATELY by letting off the gas pedal. Then stop to reload the trailer heavier in the front as soon as possible.

PREVENT WHIPPING by properly loading the trailer. Load 60% of the cargo weight in the front half of the trailer box. Loading heavier in the rear will cause the tow vehicle and trailer 'combination' to begin WHIPPING, which is violent and uncontrollable sway.

IF WHIPPING or SWAY OCCURS, DO NOT steer, DO NOT apply your brakes, and NEVER speed up. Let off the gas pedal and hold the steering wheel in a straight-ahead position.

Q: How do I load my trailer?

A: NEVER exceed the trailer's GVWR posted on the VIN label located on the trailer. This is the maximum allowed weight of the trailer and cargo combined. Load your trailer with 60% of the cargo weight in the front half of the trailer. NEVER load cargo on the outside of the trailer, or extend cargo out the rear of the trailer. Secure all cargo inside trailer. DO NOT transport hazardous materials, corrosives, explosives or flammables.

Q: What should I do before towing?

A: At each stop, check the following:

Towing hitch and hitch-ball are tight.

Coupler lever is latched and locked.

Safety chains are properly attached and secure.

All lights are connected and working.

Check all tires for correct pressure.

Check to make sure your load has not shifted.

Secure the load.

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