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Boulder City Nevada Always Have Your Local Towing Company Handy For When You Need Us

Jump Starts

Car batteries are easily drained of their idle charge by extended periods of inactivity as well as in inclement weather and extreme conditions. We can appear onsite for a jump start within an hour.

Boulder City Nevada Flat Tire on the streets of Your Town? We Can Help

Lockout Assistance

Our experienced technicians can also provide you assistance when access to your vehicle or its secure compartments is taken away by a broken, jammed or vandalized lock.

Boulder City Nevada Serving Local Drivers with The Latest Equipment

Malfunctioning Starter/Jammed Ignition

Mechanical malfunctions like jammed ignitions can cripple your commute by rendering your vehicle impossible to operate, and our technicians can arrive equipped to make onsite repairs.

Boulder City Nevada Serving Local Neighborhood Residents With Speedy Towing and Repair Services for all Vehicles

Check Engine Service

When the check engine light is displayed in your vehicle, it’s only a matter of time before more serious issues crop up. We can identify and service the issue to keep you on the road.

Boulder City Nevada Fully Equipped Repair and Response Trucks For Your Town

Alignment and Adjustment

Any vehicle that cannot be properly controlled due to irregularities in its steering or bearing is a danger to all surrounding motorists, and so we can repair many common issues while you wait.

Boulder City Nevada Auto Repair: The Tools and Techniques Car Owners in Your Town Demand

Flood Recovery

Water damage can have a devastative effect on the internal systems of your vehicle, but our automotive experts can work to salvage these delicate components.

Highway Breakdown Nightmares: Your Local Towing Company is Here for You
Boulder City Nevada Get Immediate Roadside Assistance Now in Your Town

Assistance Equipment

The vehicles that make up our rapid response fleet are outfitted with a full complement of roadside repair and assistance resources including common tools and parts as well as jump start kits.

Boulder City Nevada Get Towed for Peace of Mind if an Accident Happens

Flatbed Towing

A standard lift and hook tow truck can damage some models of vehicle, and so we also have flatbed tow truck available for transport of heavy vehicles and exotic cars.

Boulder City Nevada Get Towed Quickly and Easily When You Need It Most

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our ironclad satisfaction guarantee means that you’ll never leave the site or repairs or our service center without being fully assured of the quality of our work.

Boulder City Nevada Local Drivers: Our Network of Service Centers is Conveniently Located Throughout the Area.

A Proven Name

Drivers across the region can consistently rely on our team to provide the professional auto towing, repair, and roadside assistance resources because we have been a local industry leader for years.

Servicing Local Stranded Drivers 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

We are the BEST choice for
Car Towing in Boulder City, Nevada.


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Boulder City, city, Clark county, southeastern Nevada, U.S., overlooking Lake Mead, which is impounded by the Hoover Dam. Lying above the deep, narrow Black and Boulder canyons of the Colorado River on the Nevada-Arizona border, it was established in 1931 by the federal government as a residentialcommunityfor personnel employed at Hoover (Boulder) Dam and other local construction projects, including Lake Mohave and Davis Dam. From 1931 to 1935, during the construction of the Hoover Dam, Boulder City housed more than 4, 000 workers in 1, 500 buildings. After the dam was completed most of the workers left, and Boulder City became a federally administered headquarters for several agencies involved in the dam's operation. In 1958 the federal government ceded the townsite, then about 33 square miles (85 square km), to Boulder City's residents. The city charter, approved by voters in 1960, prohibits gambling. In 1979 the city government approved a referendum to control growth, and Boulder City has since limited the number of building permits issued each year; its population grew at a rate of only 3 percent annually in the 1990s, a rate far lower than that of other Nevada municipalities. Boulder City is headquarters for the U.S. Water and Power Resources Service and for the Lake Mead National Recreational Area. Inc. 1960. Pop. (2000) 14, 966; (2010) 15, 023.

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Question: How many different types of tow trucks are there?

There are five different kinds of tow trucks:

Boom Tow Truck - This truck uses a boom winch (fixed or with pivots) and is capable of recovering vehicles from a wide variety of places that can't be reached by backing up, like ditches.

Flatbed Tow Truck - This truck's back is a large, flat bed that can be hydraulically lowered to ground level, allowing the vehicle to drive onto it without the need for a boom winch. However, this truck is equipped with a boom winch in case the vehicle cannot be moved via its own controls.

Hook and Chain Tow Truck - This truck uses chains to move the front or back of the vehicle onto the back of the tow truck, which has a pair of large mats layered with rubber. The vehicle is set to Neutral so that the truck can drive it.

Wheel-Lift Tow Truck - This truck, like the hook and chain truck, uses chains to lift one side of the vehicle (the front or back) off the ground while the front or back wheels still touch the road. What makes the wheel-lift truck different from the hook and chain truck is the metal link that is fitted to the wheels being lifted, providing more stability and support.

Integrated Tow Truck - This truck utilizes the features of both boom and wheel-lift tow trucks.

How do I know my car was towed and not stolen?

All towing companies are legally obligated to inform the municipal police department of any impoundment they make within 30 minutes of the tow. When filling out the report, towing companies must provide information about the vehicle-such as the make, model, color, and license plate number-as well as the time of the tow, the towing company's location, and sometimes even what kind of tow truck was used. Once the towing company completes the form, they will receive an incident reference number, which are reports that:

Notify you which towing company has towed your vehicle

Prevents you from accidentally filing a false report that your vehicle was stolen

I was parked legally, so why was my car towed?

Vehicles may be towed for a variety of reasons. If you are parked on private property without permission from the property owner(s), your car can be towed as a result. If you are parked legally on public property, your car may still be towed due to matters of public interest, including but not limited to:

Street repair


The temporary formation of 'no parking' zones for special events like festivals, parades, marathons, or filming

In any case, vehicles will be moved to another legal parking area-at no charge-or, if space is limited, they are brought to the towing company's lot for safekeeping until the rightful owners come to claim them.

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Video: On-Site Repairs and Auto Rescue for Neighborhood Drivers, 24 Hours a Day



24 Hour On-Site Repair and Rescue in Your Local Area Highway Breakdown Nightmares: Your Local Towing Company is Here for You


Jammed Ignition on the Road? Call Your Local Towing Company to Help Servicing Local Stranded Drivers 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week


Reliable Roadside Repairs in Your Area. Local Drivers: Don't let Required Repairs Ruin Your Commute! We Can Help!


Roadside Assistance Every Hour, Every Day for Local Drivers Your Towing Company Can Do More than Tow Your Car


Roadside Assistance for Neighborhood Drivers, 365 Days a Year, 7 Days a Week We Always Know the Fastest Route to You in This Town


Keys Locked in your Car? Your Local Towing Company Might Be Able to Help Local Residents: We Can Fix That Broken Starter On-Site.


Large vehicle? We can Send a Flatbed Truck Anywhere in the Neighborhood. Why This Town Knows Who to Call 24 Hours a Day When they Need Roadside Help


We Are the Highest Rated Towing and Repair in the Region. Need a flatbed Tow truck in Your Area? We've got you covered!


Let Us Find You for On-Site Repairs in Your Neighborhood! Your Local Neighborhood Residents: Keep your vehicle on the road with On-Site repairs from Our Company


Let Us Help You Get to a Local Service Center After an Accident. We Can Make Basic Repairs On-Site in Your Local Neighborhood!


Local Area Breakdowns Can Happen At Any Time. Local Exotic and Specialty Drivers: We Can Service Exotic and Specialty Vehicles On-Site!


We Can Make Basic Repairs On-Site in Your Local Neighborhood! On-Site Repairs and Auto Rescue for Neighborhood Drivers, 24 Hours a Day


Fully Equipped Repair and Response Trucks For Your Town A trusted name in Local Neighborhood automotive repair services.


Specialized Solutions for Local Drivers The City's 24-Hour Roadside Resource


Available for Around the Clock Tow and Repair in Our City Serving Drivers in Your Area


Get Towed for Peace of Mind if an Accident Happens Local Residents: We Can Fix That Broken Starter On-Site.


Stranded on a Local Road in Bad Weather? Local Drivers Know: Our Prices Beat Dealer Service!


We'll Check That Engine Light Anywhere in Your Local Neighborhood! The Roadside Repair Standard for Your Town


Local Drivers: We Can Service Practically any Car or Truck On-Site! Our Automotive Services: Around the Clock, 365 Days a Year


Our Local Area On-Site Repair and Towing Services Roadside Assistance When You Need it, Wherever You Are In Your Local Area.


Our Local Leader in Roadside Repairs Why This Town Knows Who to Call 24 Hours a Day When they Need Roadside Help


The Expert Tow and Repair Services Local Neighborhood Drivers Rely On. Avoid Getting Trapped on the Road: Roadside Repair Available When You Need It


If You Need to Get Out of a Jam When Your Car Breaks Down, Call For a Tow Neighborhood Drivers: We'll Help You Find Your Way Home.


When Your Car Freezes Up on the Highway, Call Us to Help Our Local Leader in Roadside Repairs


The Region's Most Experienced Auto Repair Professionals Our Local Leader in Roadside Repairs


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