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Saint George Utah Let Us Find You for On-Site Repairs in Your Neighborhood!

Jump Starts

Car batteries are easily drained of their idle charge by extended periods of inactivity as well as in inclement weather and extreme conditions. We can appear onsite for a jump start within an hour.

Saint George Utah An Experienced, Local Team of Professionals

Lockout Assistance

Our experienced technicians can also provide you assistance when access to your vehicle or its secure compartments is taken away by a broken, jammed or vandalized lock.

Saint George Utah Neighbors: We Are Here 24 Hours a Day When You Need Us

Malfunctioning Starter/Jammed Ignition

Mechanical malfunctions like jammed ignitions can cripple your commute by rendering your vehicle impossible to operate, and our technicians can arrive equipped to make onsite repairs.

Saint George Utah No Matter What Time it is, We are Here for You in a Jam

Check Engine Service

When the check engine light is displayed in your vehicle, it’s only a matter of time before more serious issues crop up. We can identify and service the issue to keep you on the road.

Saint George Utah We Can Tow Your Vehicle After a Collision in Your Town.

Alignment and Adjustment

Any vehicle that cannot be properly controlled due to irregularities in its steering or bearing is a danger to all surrounding motorists, and so we can repair many common issues while you wait.

Saint George Utah Specialized Solutions for Local Drivers

Flood Recovery

Water damage can have a devastative effect on the internal systems of your vehicle, but our automotive experts can work to salvage these delicate components.

Tow and Repair Services Throughout the Local Area.
Saint George Utah Get Immediate Roadside Assistance Now in Your Town

Assistance Equipment

The vehicles that make up our rapid response fleet are outfitted with a full complement of roadside repair and assistance resources including common tools and parts as well as jump start kits.

Saint George Utah Standing By for Your Local Neighborhood Drivers

Flatbed Towing

A standard lift and hook tow truck can damage some models of vehicle, and so we also have flatbed tow truck available for transport of heavy vehicles and exotic cars.

Saint George Utah Local Drivers: Need Vehicle Help on the Interstate?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our ironclad satisfaction guarantee means that you’ll never leave the site or repairs or our service center without being fully assured of the quality of our work.

Saint George Utah On-Site Repairs and Auto Rescue for Neighborhood Drivers, 24 Hours a Day

A Proven Name

Drivers across the region can consistently rely on our team to provide the professional auto towing, repair, and roadside assistance resources because we have been a local industry leader for years.

Problems on the Highway: Our Local Services Are Here for You

We are the BEST choice for
Road Service in Saint George, Utah.


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Saint George, city, seat (1863) of Washington county, southwestern Utah, U.S., on the Virgin River, near the Arizona border. Settled in 1861 as a cotton-growing centre by a Mormon group, it was named for George A. Smith, acounselorto Brigham Young. The first Mormon temple to be erected in the state (completed 1877) is in St. George. It is the centre of Utah's 'Dixie, ' a region settled largely by Southerners and noted for poultry raising and fruit and vegetable growing. Its proximity to Dixie National Forest and Zion National Park makes tourism an important economic factor, and the city has become a centre for retirees and winter visitors. The Brigham Young Winter Home (1873, part of Dixie State Park) is in the city. Dixie College was founded there in 1911. Inc. 1863. Pop. (2000) 49, 663; St. George Metro Area, 90, 352; (2010) 72, 897; St. George Metro Area, 138, 115.Brigham Young Winter Home, Saint George, Utah. RJHall

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Towing strikes a sense of fear in many, uncertainty in some, and a disregard for critical criteria by others. To put it simply: It's because most people don't understand the guidelines and verbiage associated with towing a trailer. And to be honest, it can be confusing! So, ultimately what ends up happening? Folks just hook up a trailer, load their belongings and supplies as they see fit, and ignore the importance of many details.

My main objective here is NOT to confuse you with technical terms and complicated formulas.


When hitching a trailer to the back of any tow-vehicle, you have now increased the overall weight that you are moving down the road. Make sure your designated tow-vehicle is capable of handling what you are wanting to tow. You can check your owner's manual to find the maximum towing capacity, or check with a dealership of your vehicle's make.

You also don't want to ignore your vehicle's Gross Weight Rating. This is the total weight of your vehicle after adding you, your passengers, dog, fuel, and anything else you plan on carrying.

Getting Hitched

Conventional hitches, which are mounted under the back of the vehicle, can vary. Class I, II, III, IV, and V ratings - increasing with capability as the number goes up. This now requires knowing the weight of your trailer. There is an empty, or Curb Weight, which is the dry weight of the trailer. The curb weight is before filling water tanks, adding kitchen supplies, clothes, bedding, bicycles, and other cargo into a travel trailer. In the case of a boat and trailer, this is before adding gas, skis, life jackets, ice chest, beverages, and the actual ice.

You will be amazed at how rapidly these items add up in weight! If your maximum towing capability is 5,000 pounds, and your trailer's curb weight is 4,800 pounds - you can only add 200 pounds to your trailer. It doesn't take much to go over that 200 pounds!

Tongue Weight

The trailer weight also needs to be balanced so that you are placing 10-15% of the total weight of the trailer onto the hitch of your vehicle. This is called Tongue Weight and it is an important number. Too much tongue weight may cause the back of the vehicle to sag or squat. This is hard on suspension and drive lines, and may take away the critical front tire contact-patch on the road, leaving you with unsafe steering. On the other hand, too little tongue weight can cause the trailer to sway uncontrollably, as it lifts the back of your vehicle.

The next time you're on the road, look closely at the vehicles with a trailer. You will be amazed at the number that sag in the rear.


One of the most important safety issues when towing the extra weight of a trailer is stopping distance. Depending on the weight of the trailer, it may more than double your stopping distance. Most trailers today have electric brakes behind their wheels, just as on your vehicle. An electric current applies the trailer's brakes as you apply your vehicle's brakes. Boat trailers tend to have Surge Brakes. As the weight of the boat and trailer move forward under braking, this process activates the surge unit located on the Coupler of the trailer's tongue, forcing brake fluid to the trailer's brakes, causing brake activation.

For travel trailers, utility trailers, box trailers, and others, you should have a Trailer Brake Controller installed inside your vehicle. This device will give you added braking ability by being able to control the amount of braking at the trailer, without the trailer's brakes locking while slowing or stopping. You can adjust the brake controller for heavier trailers, which will require more braking.

This process takes a load off your vehicle's brakes. This is extremely helpful in the case of downhill grades, as the trailer's weight 'pushes' your vehicle, ultimately reducing brake fade.

Towing Heavy

As you move into larger trailers, they may be built on a platform known as a 5th Wheel or Gooseneck. These are the types of trailers you see attached to hitches inside the bed of a truck. They allow for increased weights to be towed, as well as a more stable towing platform, as the trailer's weight is mounted further over the truck's frame, distributing the weight more evenly.

However, there is a difference between a 5th Wheel and a Gooseneck hitch. A 5th Wheel hitch is commonly found on travel trailers, where as a Gooseneck is found on horse trailers and flatbed utility trailers. The connections are also different in these two hitches. A 5th Wheel trailer attaches to a flat plate mounted in the bed of the truck by what is called a King Pin. Whereas a Gooseneck attaches to a ball in the bed of the truck, similar to the ball mount on the back of a conventional hitch. Read more Here:

Read More Here

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